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recycling waste

Experience the flexibility and cost savings of recycling with DMR (Dry Mixed Recycling) bins. With DMR, all your recyclable waste can be placed in one bin, which is then segregated at the recycling plant, providing a convenient solution for your business waste.

Our DMR bins are suitable for various recyclable items including paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, clean empty food tins and drink cans, clean empty plastic bottles, containers and packaging, pallet wrap, and shrink wrap.

We offer different sizes of bins to meet your specific needs, including 240L, 360L, 660L, 770L, and 1100L.

At Bibby Hygiene, we offer a full waste management service to ensure your waste is disposed of correctly and in compliance with Environmental Health. Our team can provide you with recommendations on the appropriate bin sizes and collection frequency to keep your costs to a minimum. Our collection service is available twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly or four weekly, depending on your needs.

Take a step towards better waste management today.