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Safety and Industrial Mats

Safety mats are essential in any workplace, offering a range of benefits that help protect employees and visitors alike. From providing a surface to dry shoes on and prevent slips, to mats with yellow borders to prevent trips, safety mats are designed to increase protection and comfort in almost any area.

Rubber Safety Mats for Maximum Protection

Our rubber safety mats offer excellent protection and come with shock-absorbent properties to reduce and evenly disperse the force of impact in case of a fall. With anti-slip and anti-vibration qualities, our rubber safety mats are ideal for a wide range of applications and locations. The heavy matting material also prevents movement and trip hazards, while bevelled edges provide additional safety and allow access to wheelchair users when required.

How Do Safety Mats Work?

Our safety mats are designed to protect employees while they work, with different qualities suited to different jobs. Anti-slip textured surfaces provide added traction to prevent slips and falls, while anti-fatigue qualities reduce the dangers to health caused by standing in the same position for extended periods. Safety matting also protects employees from the cold and prevents long-term health problems.

Protecting Entrances with Outdoor Rubber Matting

Our outdoor rubber mats are some of the most effective safety mats available. With scraper, honeycomb, or bristle options, they help prevent moisture from being walked into a building, which can cause slip hazards. Weather-resistant and hard-wearing, they are the first point of protection against slips and falls, especially in wet winter months.

Safety Mats for Kitchens and Hospitality

Commercial kitchens, bars, and wet areas require durable matting to stand up to heavy footfall and spillages. Our rubber safety mats are designed to meet the needs of busy commercial kitchens and bars, with easy-to-clean, hygienic, and resilient surfaces that protect employees from slips and falls.

Benefits of Safety Matting

The benefits of using safety mats are numerous, including better resilience than sponge mats, reduced discomfort for workers, anti-slip properties, resistance to spills, and improved comfort for legs, back, and feet. Safety matting also protects employees from the cold, improves safety, and enhances working conditions.


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    Safety & Industrial Mats

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