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Urinal Services


Toilet & Urinal Sanitisers:

Our programmable dosing systems provide an easy way to ensure cleanliness and eliminate odours in your washrooms. Our sanitiser can be programmed to cover specific times of the day to meet your needs, whether it’s during business hours or to cope with peak times. We offer a choice of different fragrances in biological and chemical formats for our refill solutions. Bibby Hygiene will arrange installation and provide recommendations to keep costs to a minimum.

Water Management System:

Our water management system can reduce your water usage costs by up to 90%, while also lowering incoming and outgoing sewage charges. With no expensive running costs involved, you can save immediately. Our system recognizes motion and flushes the system accordingly, preventing buildup in pipes. Movement can be detected from up to 15 meters away, even in inaccessible areas. Bibby Hygiene will arrange installation and provide recommendations to ensure your plumbing stays in top condition.

Urinal Screens:

Our recyclable urinal screens are flexible and can be trimmed to fit most urinal shapes and sizes. They provide a pleasant fragrance for up to 30 or 60 days in Linen Breeze, Citrus Mango, and Marine Musk. The design helps to prevent splash back and drain blockages, making them easy to change by our service operative. Our 60-day fragrance design is also suitable for waterless urinals and works to prevent uric salt buildup in pipes.