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Dental Waste Disposal

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Bibby Hygiene offers a top-quality waste management service specifically tailored for dental waste. We specialise in the safe collection and responsible disposal of hazardous dental waste, including hard waste, sharps disposal bins, lead foils, amalgam pots, tooth boxes, gypsum, x-ray fixer & developer containers, crown & bridge pots, sludge drums, amalgam caps, amalgam separators/filters, and denature kits.

Our hard waste containers are designed to safely dispose of sharp objects such as aspirator tubes and syringe tips, which are classified as hazardous waste. Sharps disposal bins feature strong containers with sealed lids to prevent accidental sharps injuries and must be disposed of through incineration or heat treatment.

Lead foils from x-ray waste are also classified as hazardous waste and cannot be sent to landfill as they will contaminate the ground. Our amalgam pots and tooth boxes, which safely store amalgam fill extractions, also require separate disposal as they contain hazardous waste. The pots come with a mercury vapor suppressant that absorbs and prevents fumes from escaping the container for the user’s protection.

Gypsum waste, although not hazardous on its own, can release hazardous hydrogen sulphate when put into landfill with other materials over time. Therefore, it must be disposed of through specific landfill facilities that do not accept biodegradable waste or through gypsum recycling.

X-ray fixer waste is hazardous due to its high silver content, and our 10-liter containers are labeled, secure, and tamper-proof to prevent leakages. Crown & bridge pots are used to dispose of braces, mixed solid metals, dentures, and other similar items, and sludge drums are used to dispose of amalgam filter waste, ensuring that metals and other dental materials stay out of the water system.

Amalgam caps, which contain unused amalgam or residue, must also be separated as hazardous waste. Amalgam separators/filters, which contain hazardous material once they have been used to remove dental waste from the water system, require separate disposal.

Lastly, we also offer denature kits for the safe and responsible disposal of controlled drugs, which are regulated under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001. Our denature kits come in various sizes and contain a chemical sachet that turns the contents into a solid gel, rendering the drugs unusable.

At Bibby Hygiene, we take pride in providing a comprehensive waste management service for dental waste that ensures the safety of people and the environment.


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