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Protect Your Floors and Create a Great First Impression with Professional Dust Control Mats

At Bibby Hygiene, we provide professional dust control mats suitable for all businesses. Our mats are designed to protect your floors from dirt and moisture, making them perfect for use in reception areas, hallways, and nursery rooms.

Most of the dirt in buildings is brought in on people’s shoes. Our dust mats have special twists of material that attract and retain dirt, which can only be released by laundering. By using our dust control mats, you can significantly reduce cleaning costs, create a great first impression, and make your floors safer by reducing the risk of accidents and compensation claims.

Our dust mats are available in various sizes and colors to suit any space. We offer a fortnightly exchange service, ensuring you always have clean mats in place.

Our standard mats are made from a combination of Phoenix fiber and Super Styrene rubber. The Phoenix fiber is heat and stain-resistant and made from 100% recycled materials, while the Super Styrene rubber is memory resistant, ensuring the mat stays flat. We offer four sizes of standard mats:

  • Standard Plus – 85x300cm
  • Standard Plus – 85x150cm
  • Standard Plus – 115x180cm
  • Standard Plus – 150x250cm

Our mats also feature the revolutionary Raptor backing pattern, significantly reducing movement.

Contact us today to learn more about our dust control mats and services and keep your floors clean and safe.