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Since 1931, we have been providing commercial cleaning services and have developed a strong supply chain and enduring relationships with market leaders in industrial cleaning products in the UK. Our cleaning chemicals are researched and developed by chemists from these leading companies, ensuring their quality and effectiveness. We can also provide COSHH assessments and Safety Data Sheets for all our cleaning chemicals.

We offer a wide range of cleaning products, including floor maintenance products, polishing products, general cleaning products, washroom cleaning products, heavy-duty cleaning products, and liquid dispenser refills. We also supply hand soaps, hand sanitiser, and paper products such as centre feed, paper towels, bulk household toilet rolls, mini jumbo toilet rolls, maxi jumbo toilet rolls, toilet tissue sheets, and tissues. Additionally, we provide PPE such as disposable gloves, disposable aprons, and face masks.

To prevent cross-contamination, one of the most important health and safety aspects of commercial cleaning, we use four different colors to separate different areas. Red is used for high-risk areas such as toilets, urinals, or sanitary bins in washrooms; yellow is used for wash basins, sink cabinets, and other washroom surfaces considered to be lower risk than red; blue is used for general lower-risk areas such as office areas; and green is used for food processing areas such as kitchens or bars. We can supply color-coded cloths, color-coded microfiber cloths, color-coded mops and buckets, heavy-duty mops and buckets, multi-grade buffer machine pads, and Henry vacuums to assist with color-coding cleaning materials.

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