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Offensive Waste

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Offensive waste refers to non-infectious waste that may be unpleasant and cause offense to those who come into contact with it. At Bibby Hygiene, we offer a range of solutions for offensive waste management. For moderate to large amounts of offensive waste produced inside your premises, we provide strong, durable external bins in three sizes (240 litre, 360 litre, 770 litre, and 1100 litre) that can be serviced weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, 6 monthly, quarterly, or yearly, depending on your needs.

Non-infectious Offensive Waste typically includes clinical waste (outer dressings and protective clothing that are not contaminated with body fluids), hygiene waste (sanitary protection, nappies, and incontinence pads), and animal waste (public animal waste bins, kennel, and cattery litter waste). While non-infectious offensive waste is not harmful to human health, it still requires careful disposal. At Bibby Hygiene, we provide yellow and black waste bags, also known as tiger bags, for the disposal of non-infectious offensive waste via deep landfill.

Our current offensive waste management services are available to various establishments, including nursing homes, rest homes, care homes, private healthcare facilities, day nurseries, schools, NHS trusts, GP surgeries, health centers, and any hazardous waste producers. It’s important to note that clinical waste classified as hazardous includes waste exposed to infection or classified as cytotoxic or cytostatic waste.

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